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Getting Started with Handwrite!

Creating your Handwritten Sample

  1. Take a printout of the sample form.

  2. Fill the form using the image below as a reference.

  3. Scan the filled form using a scanner, or Adobe Scan in your phone.

  4. Save the .jpg image in your system.

Your form should look like this:

Creating your font

  1. Make sure you have installed handwrite, potrace & fontforge.

  2. In a terminal type handwrite [PATH TO IMAGE] [OUTPUT DIRECTORY]. (You can also type handwrite -h, to see all the arguments you can use).

  3. (Optional) Config file containing custom options for your font can also be passed using the --config [CONFIG FILE] argument.

    • If you expicitly pass the metadata (filename, family or style) as CLI arguments, they are given a preference over the default config file data.

    • If no config file is provided for an input then the default config file is used.

  4. Your font will be created as OUTPUT DIRECTORY/OUTPUT FONT NAME.ttf. Install the font in your system.

  5. Select your font in your word processor and get to work! Here's the end result!